12oz $6.99 16oz $7.99 20oz $8.99 J1

All Shook Up– Carrots*, Celery*, Parsley*, Spinach*, Lemon*
Stir Mix A lot- Cucumber*, Greens*, Celery*, Apple*, Dandelion*, Cayenne*
Dr. Feel Good- Cucumber*, Celery*, Greens*, Apple*, Ginger*, Lemon*


12oz $5.99 16oz $6.99 20oz $7.99 J2

Turn the Beet Around– Beet*, Carrot*, Celery*, Apple*, Lime*
Blue Lemonade– Apples*, Lemon*, Ginger*, blended w/ frozen Blueberries*
Gin n’ Juice– Beet*, Ginger*, Apple*, Carrot*, Lemon*
Immunity– Oranges*, Carrots*, Apples*, Garlic*, Lemon*, Ginger*, Cayenne*
Lady in Red– Beet*, Red Cabbage*, Red Apple*, blended w/ frozen Strawberries (Watermelon, when in season!*)
Orange Trinity–Oranges*, Carrots*, Turmeric*

12oz $4.99 16oz $5.99 20oz $6.99 J3

*Please no substitutions or changes to these juices
Sweet Thang– Apple*, Beet*, Lemon*

Apple*, Beet*, Carrot*

Carrot Craze–

16oz $6.99 20oz $7.99 SM1

Super Blend
Choice of Juice*, Banana*, Greens*, Berries*

Orange/Carrot Juice*, Fresh Orange*, Greens*, Mango*

16oz $5.99 20oz $6.99 SM2

Pink Panther
Apple Juice*, Strawberries*, Banana*
Manic Mango
Mango/Orange Juice*, Mango*, Banana*
Almond Milk*, Strawberries*, Fresh-Ground Peanut butter*, Banana*
Barry Bomb
Mixed Berries*, Choice of Juice*, Banana*

Superfood Shakes
16oz $7.99 20oz $8.99 SF1

Gingerbread- 11-20g of protein
Choice of Milk*, Unflavored Protein, Cinnamon*, Fresh Ginger*, Local Honey, Maca Root*, Banana*
Tropic Trick- 11-20g of protein
Coconut milk*, Vanilla Protein, Mango*, Pineapple Juice*, Banana*, Coconut Shreds*, MCT Oil

Vanilla Chip Mint- 11-22g of protein
Choice of milk*, Vanilla Protein, Mint Extract*, Cacao Nibs*, Spirulina*, Banana*

Coffee Delight- 11-16g of protein
Choice of milk*, Coffee*, Chocolate Protein, Banana*, Cacao Nibs*, Maca Powder*
(Light coffee taste)
Cookie Monster- 11-16g of protein
Coconut Milk, Dates, Banana, Maca, Coconut Sugar, Vegan Vanilla Bean Protein, and Nibs


One size only $10.99, 100% Organic unless otherwise listed*

Acai Bowl- Acai*, Banana*, Mixed Berries*, Orange/Mango Juice*
Topped with: Banana*, Coconut Flakes*, Non-GMO Granola, Local Honey
Pitaya Bowl- Pitaya* Banana*, Pineapple*, Pineapple Juice*
Topped with:
Banana*, Chia Seeds*, Non-GMO Granola,
Local Bee Pollen
Nutter Butter- Choice of Milk*, Banana*, Vanilla Plant Protein,
Fresh-Ground Peanut Butter*
Topped with: Banana*, Roasted Almonds*, Chia Seeds*, Cacao Nibs*
Cinnsational- Coconut Milk*, Banana, Vegan Factors Protein,
Cinnamon, Non-GMO Raw Almonds
Topped with: Banana*, Non-GMO granola, Chia Seeds*, Local Honey
Chocolate Satisfaction- Coconut Milk*, Banana*,
Cacao Powder*, Chocolate Protein
Topped with: Banana*, Cacao Nibs*, Non- GMO Raw Almonds, Chia Seeds*

Gram’s Mint Chip- Choice of Milk*, Banana*, Peppermint*,
Vanilla Plant Protein, Cacao Nibs*
Topped with: Banana*, Coconut Flakes*, Chia Seeds*, Local Bee Pollen

Protein Shakes
16oz $6.99 20oz $7.99 P1


PB King– 16-22g of protein
Milk of your choice*, Protein, Banana*, Peanut Butter*
Yumchata– 11-16g of Protein
Coconut Milk*, Vegan Vanilla Bean Protein, Raw Almonds, Banana*, Cinnamon*
Vanilla Colada– 16-22g of protein
Coconut milk*, Vanilla Protein, Pineapple*, Pineapple Juice*, Banana*


1oz $2.50 2oz $4.99 3oz $7.49
Inflammation Shot
(Turmeric, Apple, Black Pepper)
1oz 2.99 2oz 3.99 3oz 4.99
Metal Detox Shot
(Celery, Cilantro/Parsley, Dandelion, Lemon)
2oz 3.49 3oz 4.49
Digest Aid Shot
(Ginger, Cucumber, Fennel Seed)
2oz 3.49 3oz 4.49
Skin Glo Shot
(Aloe, Parsley, Celery)
2oz 3.49 3oz 4.49
Immune Shot
(Flax oil, Lemon, Garlic, Cayenne)
2oz 3.49 3oz 4.49
Ring of Fire
(Fire Cider)
1oz 2.50 2oz 4.75
(‘Supreme Fulvic’ Minerals)
1oz 2.50 2oz 4.99
Black Pepper, Cayenne, Cinnamon $.50
Chia, Coconut Flakes $.50
Ginger $.50
Local Honey $.50-.75
Aloe Juice $.75
Bee Pollen $.75
RAW Coconut Water (for shakes) $.75
Dandelion, Parsley, Cilantro $.75-1
Collards, Kale, Spinach $.75-1
Extra Lemon/Lime $.50-1
Garlic $.75
Frozen Fruit $.75-1
Maca Powder, Matcha Green Tea $1-
MCT Oil, Flax Oil $1-
Protein $1-
Turmeric “Theracumin” $1-
Turmeric Root $1-
Almond/Peanut Butter $1-1.50
Green Vibrance $1.50