12oz $6.99 16oz $7.99 20oz $8.99 J1

All Shook Up– Carrots*, Celery*, Parsley*, Spinach*, Lemon*

Stir Mix A lot- Cucumber*, Greens*, Celery*, Apple*, Dandelion*, Cayenne*

Dr. Feel Good- Cucumber*, Celery*, Greens*, Apple*, Ginger*, Lemon*


12oz $5.99 16oz $6.99 20oz $7.99 J2

Turn the Beet Around– Beet*, Carrot*, Celery*, Apple*, Lime*

Blue Lemonade– Apples*, Lemon*, Ginger*, blended w/ frozen Blueberries*

Gin n’ Juice– Beet*, Ginger*, Apple*, Carrot*, Lemon*

Immunity– Oranges*, Carrots*, Apples*, Garlic*, Lemon*, Ginger*, Cayenne*

Lady in Red– Beet*, Red Cabbage*, Red Apple*, blended w/ frozen Strawberries (Watermelon, when in season!*)

Orange Trinity–Oranges*, Carrots*, Turmeric*

12oz $4.99 16oz $5.99 20oz $6.99 J3

*Please no substitutions or changes to these juices

Sweet Thang– Apple*, Beet*, Lemon*

Apple*, Beet*, Carrot*

Carrot Craze–

Superfood Shakes
16oz $7.99 20oz $8.99 SF1

Gingerbread- 11-20g of protein
Choice of Milk*, Unflavored Protein, Cinnamon*, Fresh Ginger*, Local Honey, Maca Root*, Banana*

Tropic Trick- 11-20g of protein
Coconut milk*, Vanilla Protein, Mango*, Pineapple Juice*, Banana*, Coconut Shreds*, MCT Oil

Vanilla Chip Mint- 11-22g of protein
Choice of milk*, Vanilla Protein, Mint Extract*, Cacao Nibs*, Spirulina*, Banana*

Coffee Delight- 11-16g of protein
Choice of milk*, Coffee*, Chocolate Protein, Banana*, Cacao Nibs*, Maca Powder*
(Light coffee taste)

Cookie Doh’- 11-16g of protein
Coconut Milk, Dates, Banana, Maca, Coconut Sugar, Vegan Vanilla Bean Protein, and Nibs

Protein Shakes
16oz $6.99 20oz $7.99 P1


PB King– 16-22g of protein
Milk of your choice*, Protein, Banana*, Peanut Butter*

Yumchata– 11-16g of Protein
Coconut Milk*, Vegan Vanilla Bean Protein, Raw Almonds, Banana*, Cinnamon*

Vanilla Colada– 16-22g of protein
Coconut milk*, Vanilla Protein, Pineapple*, Pineapple Juice*, Banana*

16oz $6.99 20oz $7.99 SM1

Super Blend
Choice of Juice*, Banana*, Greens*, Berries*

Orange/Carrot Juice*, Fresh Orange*, Greens*, Mango*

16oz $5.99 20oz $6.99 SM2

Pink Panther
Apple Juice*, Strawberries*, Banana*

Manic Mango
Mango/Orange Juice*, Mango*, Banana*

Almond Milk*, Strawberries*, Fresh-Ground Peanut butter*, Banana*

Barry Bomb
Mixed Berries*, Choice of Juice*, Banana*


One size only $10.99, 100% Organic unless otherwise listed*

Purple Rain (Acai Bowl)- Acai*, Banana*, Mixed Berries*, Orange/Mango Juice*
Topped with: Banana*, Coconut Flakes*, Non-GMO Granola, Local Honey

Pink Friday (Pitaya Bowl)- Pitaya* Banana*, Pineapple*, Pineapple Juice*
Topped with:
Banana*, Chia Seeds*, Non-GMO Granola,
Local Bee Pollen

Nutter Butter- Choice of Milk*, Banana*, Vanilla Plant Protein,
Fresh-Ground Peanut Butter*
Topped with: Banana*, Roasted Almonds*, Chia Seeds*, Cacao Nibs*

Cinnsational- Coconut Milk*, Banana, Vegan Factors Protein,
Cinnamon, Non-GMO Raw Almonds
Topped with: Banana*, Non-GMO granola, Chia Seeds*, Local Honey

Chocolate Satisfaction- Coconut Milk*, Banana*,
Cacao Powder*, Chocolate Protein
Topped with: Banana*, Cacao Nibs*, Non- GMO Raw Almonds, Chia Seeds*

Gram’s Mint Chip- Choice of Milk*, Banana*, Peppermint*,
Vanilla Plant Protein, Cacao Nibs*
Topped with: Banana*, Coconut Flakes*, Chia Seeds*, Local Bee Pollen