Our Team

Christine - Massage Therapist


Massage Therapist

Christine has been at the store since the pre-renovation days. She is a long-term vegan, kombucha connoisseur, herbal tea fanatic, and self-proclaimed cat lady. What she enjoys most about working at the store is learning something new everyday and her crazy Nature’s Nut family.

Alexandra Marino - Customer Support

Alexandra Marino

Customer Support

Daughter of Owners Pete and Donna, Alex has been with us for 10 years now! She loves everybody and everything; serving people in need is her ultimate passion!

Dolores - Customer Support


Customer Support

Hi there, my name is Dolores. I am celebrating my 3.5 years at Nature’s Nutrition. It is such a pleasure to come to work each day-learning as I go. I love it here, because we care, we share our knowledge and we all want our customers to feel like our family.



Juicebar and Customer Service

Meet Matt, a.k.a Jimmy Lite. He is a master of creation, and can play multiple musical instruments. Matt is a well seasoned health food store vet, making him a great value to our customers. You can find him up front or in the juice bar slingin’ delicious drinks, come say hi!



Anthony is a father of 1 and new husband to Lisa Marino. He comes from a criminal justice background (he has super detective and observation skills) and loves to bump music on his turntables. In his free time you can find him at home with his beautiful wife and daughter Veah (1 year old) with their giant labradoodle, Rufio, by their side. He is with us 4-5 days a week and normally in the vitamin aisle!


Peter Marino Jr. is the son to owners Peter and Donna Marino. He is a fantastic, kind, and loving brother to not one, but four sisters. If you want your questions answered and a job complete to perfection, he is your guy! Truly the brain of an engineer, minus the social stereotype! He loves serving customers and making people happy, he listens to people with his entire heart/mind and truly cares for others, what more can you ask for in a brother, son and friend? Introduce yourself! He would love if you said hi! -Big sister

Mike - Personal Trainer, Plant-based Lifestyle


Personal Trainer, Plant-based Lifestyle

This is Mike, a.k.a the Juice Bar King. Mike is a 25 year old certified personal trainer. He is truly a gem (also a gemini) and one of our customers’ personal favorite employees. He is our #1 juice-bar guy, you can find him working juice-bar 4-5 days a week! Come pay him a visit, nobody likes a slow shift! We have a blast serving you!

Joe - Cashier


Super Cashier

This is Joe. We found this guy in a ditch somewhere. We felt bad for him, so we dusted him off and decided to hire him as a cashier. So far, we’ve only had minimal regrets about hiring him – only time will tell just how bad (or swell?) of a decision it was. Joe is a bit of an old soul. He is a shy, reserved gentleman, but is truly a kid at heart. Sometimes being silly to the point of obnoxiousness, and most times making jokes that go over our heads, we enjoy him as is! He first became enlightened about “alternative” healing and nutrition back in 2012.


Frank - Clinical Nutritionist


Nutritional Counselor

Frank is a father of 3 daughters and is the doting grandpa to 6 grandchildren

Frank served in the military for 20 years, worked with the D.E.P. (Department of Enviromental Protection) for 25 years, and attended Rutgers University. In his free time he loves scuba diving, boating, and fishing. He’s been enjoying nutrition without his doctors help for 5 years.  (more…)



Juice Bar Queen

Kira is a bright and cheerful individual who has made a wonderful addition to our organic juice bar. Born and raised in Somerset, NJ on an organic family-owned farm. She loves basking in the sun on the beach, singing, and spending time with her cat Ophelia. Come say hello!

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