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Alexandra Marino - Customer Support


Customer Support

Daughter of Owners Pete and Donna. She loves everybody and everything; serving people in need is her ultimate passion! You can find her in the aisles or in the kitchen spewing an organic blend of sarcasm & knowledge. When she isn’t here she is probably at home trying to hug all 3 of her cats at once. Stop in and see her for an organic juice and nutrition pun!



Anthony is a father of 2 and husband to Lisa Marino (owner’s daughter). He comes from a criminal justice background (he has super detective and observation skills) and loves to bump music on his turntables. In his free time you can find him at home with his beautiful wife and daughters Veah + Gianna. He is with us 4-5 days a week and normally in the vitamin aisle!


Peter Marino Jr. is the son to owners Peter and Donna Marino. He is a fantastic, kind, and loving brother to not one, but four sisters. If you want your questions answered and a job complete to perfection, he is your guy! Truly the brain of an engineer, minus the social stereotype! He loves serving customers and making people happy, he listens to people with his entire heart/mind and truly cares for others, what more can you ask for in a brother, son and friend? Introduce yourself! He would love if you said hi! -Big sister